Form 7: Reply to answer

Who should use this form?

An applicant.


To reply to an answer filed by a respondent.

A reply must not raise issues or arguments that are not addressed in the answer or introduce new evidence.

If you wish to raise new issues or arguments or introduce new evidence, you must first make a request to the Agency in accordance with section 34 (Form 13) and that request must be granted by the Agency. This will delay the processing of the case as, in the interests of fairness, the respondent will be given an opportunity to respond to any new issues, arguments or evidence raised in the reply.

When should you file this form?

Within 5 business days after the day on which you receive a copy of the answer, unless another time period is specified by the Agency.

Refer to section 20 of the Dispute Adjudication Rules for more information.

What happens next?

Unless other issues arise that need to be addressed, the pleadings close and no further documents or information may be filed with the Agency.

Collection of personal information

For more information, please refer to our Personal Information Collection Statement.

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