Form 12: Response to written questions or document request

Who should use this form?

Any party to whom a question is directed or from whom a document is requested under subsection 24(1) of the Rules.


If questions or a document request have been directed to you, you must provide a complete response to each question or a copy of any document requested

If you object to a question or to producing a document, you must file an objection as part of your response.

If any part of your response contains information that you believe is confidential, you can file a request for confidentiality in accordance with section 31 (Form 17).

When should you file this form?

Within 5 business days after the day on which you receive a copy of the notice to respond to written questions or to produce documents.

What happens next?

If the person who directed questions or the document request to you is not satisfied with your response or opposes your objection, they may file a request for the Agency to require you to provide a complete response.

Refer to sections 24 and 32 of the Dispute Adjudication Rules for more information.

Collection of personal information

For more information, please refer to our Personal Information Collection Statement.

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