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The Agency handles complaints about transportation originating in Canada or where the ultimate ticketed destination is Canada by domestic and foreign carriers for scheduled or charter services.

Our role is to ensure that carriers comply with their legal obligations, which include:

  • their tariff (contract of carriage with passengers);
  • the Canada Transportation Act and related regulations; and
  • international conventions, such as the Montreal Convention and the Warsaw Convention (if applicable).

 Is there a disability or health issue involved? Visit accessibility complaints to learn more.

Complaints that can be submitted to the Agency

Travel issues Tickets and reservations Costs Terms and conditions (tariffs) Other

Flight disruptions (delays, cancellations, missed connections, schedule changes, etc.)



Denied boarding due to over-booking (bumping)

Refusal to transport

Acceptance of children




Air fares or charges

Fares and rates on domestic routes with little or no competition

Cargo rates

NAV Canada, new or increased charges


Terms and conditions that are unclear, unjust, unreasonable or unduly/unjustly discriminatory

Loyalty programs operated by the carrier

Discontinuing or reducing a domestic air service to a community

How to report non-compliance


Complaints that cannot be resolved by the Agency

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Customer service

Safety and security


More information for travellers

What if you encounter a problem?

If a problem arises or you have a concern related to your trip, you should contact the carrier's customer service department in writing. Often, this is all that's required to fix the problem or address the concern.

If you have tried to resolve your problem with the carrier in writing and aren't satisfied with the result or you have not received a reply after 30 days, you may file a complaint with the Agency. If the carrier has not lived up to its legal obligations, our staff can facilitate a conversation with the carrier, which can help to address the concern.

Did you know?

There are no fees to file a complaint and no lawyer is required (although you're welcome to consult one).

If you file a complaint, what are the possible outcomes?

Possible remedies may include an air carrier policy change or refunds/compensation for expenses. For refunds and compensation, if you have already filed in court and received a judgment or have been reimbursed by your insurance, we may not be able to help you.

The Agency cannot compel the carrier to pay for loss of income or enjoyment or for pain and suffering. You may wish to seek legal advice for these types of outcomes.

If you'd like more information, please  contact us. 

 Important notice to parties involved in an adjudication process

Federal Court of Appeal Decision renders all adjudication process submissions public

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